Words are powerful! Whether it be a good story (big smile) or just an unexpected compliment. Words can change everything in an instant.

I had someone chime in on Facebook the other day. He asked what my next show was. I responded with the answer and added “if I am ready.” (Now let me preface this by saying that I honestly thought this person was just another “FAN” on Facebook… you know the kind of fan you really don’t want to talk to, because all they want to talk about is your ass…) Turns out he was an IFBB pro… Turns out he was Idrise Ward-El!  His response was:

“NO IF! BE READY! You can do it. That’s what people who never turn pro say, all of us pro’s make sure we are ready. I read your statement saying you are going to be our next pro, so I’ll be rooting for you.”

Wow! He put me in my place.. My attitude changed instantly! I so appreciated his words!


If we realized just how powerful our thoughts and our words really are we would never think or say a negative thought!  In our house, “Can’t” walks on “Won’t” street!

What will you do to get the deadly words out of your life?


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