I am asked nearly everyday, “What is the secret to… great abs, losing fat, building muscle.. etc.” People are ALWAYS disappointed when I tell them there are no magic pills or potions.

There are NO SECRETS! It is called hard ass work! It is called discipline! It is called dedication. It’s waking up before the rest of the world and getting your workout done. It’s saying no to that chocolate cake, cookie, or ice cream. It’s not snacking in the evenings. It’s doing things that may be hard day in and day out. It is sometimes being the only one in your office eating chicken and broccoli while everyone else is enjoying Cafe Rio! Sometimes it is fighting an internal emotional battle. Sometimes it’s a walk in the park. I could go on and on! But really what it comes down to is consistency and sticking with your program! It’s feeling good about the choices you are making and keeping your eye on the “prize!”


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