IMG_5321 That’s me in my birthday suit.. Wow! 42 is coming quickly! So, in lew of 42.. ha! I thought I would post 42 random facts about… ME.

1. I have amazing family and friends!

2. I love when it rains while the sun is shining

3. I love watching the sunset over the ocean

4. Disneyland is my favorite place.. I would live in the castle if I could!

5. I am afraid of spiders

6. I wear contacts

7. I don’t dye my hair

8. I love coconut oil.. I use it for more than cooking.. you name it, I have used coconut oil 😉

9. I am a dog person.. Siberian Huskies are my favorite.. I miss my Alex

10. My favorite exercises are squats and deadlifts.. they are KEY

11. My last run was on February 6, 2011..the Surf City Marathon

12. I do not miss running.. AT ALL

13. I love Mexican food

14. I am not very coordinated

15. My two middle toes are attached.. right foot is worse than the left

16. I don’t..won’t swim in open water..I can’t see what is under me

17. I don’t like mean people

18. I have never been to the east coast

19. We lived on Kauai for a year

20. I started lifting weights seriously in February 2011

21. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I have been known to watch The Walking Dead, Dexter and Nurse Jackie

22. I could eat oats for every meal

23. I love roller coasters.. the faster, the better

24. I am claustrophobic

25. I don’t eat bread

26. I’m a Mac girl

27. I like avocados

28. I met Matt Damon in Hanalei Bay

29. I just discovered Duck Dynasty… That is some funny stuff!!

30. I like doing dishes.. It is therapeutic

31. I have two of the best kids in the world (ages 12 and 6)

32. I love rosemary

33. My favorite flower is a daisy.. “They are the friendliest flower” (name that movie)

34. I wake up at 5 am.. The quiet of the morning is my favorite time of day. I love being up before the rest of the world, and watching it wake up

35. I love the smell of honeysuckle in the spring

36. I drive a Volvo

37. I ran… And completed.. 25 marathons, 4 half marathons, and one 10k

38. I was robbed at gun point in a bank.. Twice!

39. I lived in England for 2 years..I miss the rain!

40. 5’9″ ~ 38-28-37

41. You’ve Got Mail is my favorite movie

42. Thor! He can drop his hammer ANYTIME.. 😉

There you have it! That’s me in a nutshell! Have a fabulous weekend!


24 thoughts on “42!

  1. Hi Stacey, I just wanted to say, thanks for following the body yenta and—you look amazing! feeling very inspired by your journey and success. oh and one more thing—happy birthday!

  2. Stacey, thank you for your post.. I loved reading your 42 facts.. It’s inspiring to see people willing to both care about their health and also be willing to share their experience with others.. And like someone else commented.. You look fabulous..

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you had a great birthday. I like you…will not swim in open water. Scary what could be in there. No thanks. Have a great day!

  4. This was awesome! I’d never know you’re 42 though. We share a love of oats and avocados, although the thought of those two things together isn’t as outstanding. Anyway, great job!

  5. Note to self…Decline an invitation from you to visit a bank but, I love roller coasters too so, if a bank trip involved going and riding roller coasters after…I am in. One last thing, Duck Dynasty is great. Happy, Happy, Happy

  6. Thank you so very much for both visiting my site and following, and for sharing such a fantastic list from you personal life and experiences! Looking forward to many more positive connections!

  7. You look absolutely amazing for 42! So glowing and healthy! Goes to show hard work pays off. I’ll remember that and go to the gym more, haha!

      • slightly different question.
        Thanks for following my blogs; I’m very grateful.
        However Im wondering how you got to my dating blog from my other one/this comment. Obviously I’m happy for you to follow both but usually i dont want people to be able to link from GoodGirlGlasgow to the dating blog, as that blog is supposed to be anonymous and GoodGirlGlasgow contains some personal details that people could transfer to the other…if you see what I mean?

        So if you could let me know how you did this that would be great! Then i can stop it happening hopefully!

      • I think I just clicked on the TellMeMuse link.. in the reply box. Although doing that now, it is taking me to GoodGirlGlasgow. I don’t know..

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