Blitz Week


I started what Todd calls “Blitz Week” this morning. Todd’s philosophy is to lift heavy and hard for 4 weeks, then take the fifth week off, doing mild cardio and abs only. Better things come after a break. 🙂

The body starts to fail after 4 weeks, not burning fat as well and also slows in its response to building new muscle. Blitz week is the week before the break! And some of the hardest workouts you will find!  There were some explicits said under my breath… I hobbled out of my gym this morning..

Let me give you a little idea of what I did today:

Chin ups
Ez curl bar.. this is where it gets tough.. 3 sets of 100!  Superset that with close grip pushups… to failure

All of my workouts this week will be similar to this. Every one of Todd’s workouts are fantastic!

I love pushing myself to the limits and then pushing just a little harder to see how far I can REALLY go!  THANK YOU Todd!!


3 thoughts on “Blitz Week

  1. That’s a great routine though! The blitz week makes you feel like you really really earned the rest and the week off helps you get the great results you earned from all the four hard weeks of work!

  2. Congrats on your high level of fitness – Great work out. Can’t say I’d last through those three sets of 100! Enjoying reading through the blog 🙂

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