What’s In Your Cart?


Grocery shopping. I hate it! Well, I hate shopping, full stop! I’m not your average woman… I’d rather be poked in the eye than go to the mall. But grocery shopping… it has to be done. There are mouths to feed.

Costco is my store. But you just can’t get all those “little” things at Costco. There are certain grocery stores I prefer, you know the ones, locally owned… clean. But those stores are always a little pricier on everything. So to save a few bucks I go to Walmart. Sigh. Walmart makes me feel bad about myself. I always feel dirty when I go there.. but NOT in the good way 😉 But the prices are cheaper, and the bonus… There is always someone interesting to see. It’s fascinating!

It seems I always have the same things in my cart. I am a creature of habit, after all. So what is in my cart you ask?

Red meat: flank/sirloin steak, 93% ground beef
Chicken breasts
Sweet pototoes
Green beans~ I like to roast them with yellow and orange peppers tossed with a combo of EVOO, coconut oil, and spices.. add some chopped pecans… yum!
Pineapple chunks
Brown rice

Those are my staples! Obviously, there are other things I buy as well, but those items are always in my cart!

What’s in YOUR cart?


3 thoughts on “What’s In Your Cart?

  1. Too funny! I am on the same page as you with regard to food selected and the guilt of shopping at Walmart, with the benefit of great people watching. LOL. Carrots, cucumbers and lemons are my staples as well. I almost always eat carrots for my morning snack at work (no dip) and love to put cucumbers and lemons in my water.

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