It’s In The Details

h256Confession: I hate stretching. Well, it’s not that I hate it… It feels good! I am just lazy. When I am done with my workout, I am done. In the past I would find myself thinking it was a waste of time to stretch… I know. I know. I have changed my ways! When Todd told me stretching makes for nice muscles and deeper cuts… details… I was sold!

Not only will you have pretty muscles from stretching, there are some other benefits as well.. details.

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced Muscle Tension
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Increased Circulation, which in turn will give you increased energy levels
  • Enhanced Muscular Coordination

As I get older, I feel it more of a necessity to stretch. Especially after a good leg workout.. if I don’t stretch those hamstrings, my lower back really feels it. Post exercise stretching can aid in recovery, decreasing muscle soreness (not that soreness is a bad thing), and it also helps keep your muscles and tendons in good working order.. details.

What I have learned is stretching doesn’t have to be the huge time commitment that I always thought it was, a little can go a long way. But the best part… Stretching can give you huge results… It’s all in the details!


17 thoughts on “It’s In The Details

  1. i regret not stretching more after my workouts when i was younger. fortunately, through my yoga practices, i’ve regained my flexibility. but i do wonder how many sport-related injuries i could have prevented if i just took care of my muscles more after each workout. and also listen to my body more. lessons learned, indeed.

      • I am sooo proud of Stacey , this women is the real deal, she is a pro waiting to happen anytime she decides to compete,She has been my best client ever in my history of 25 years training people, I personally have worked out for 35 years now and she does exact what I say,. When this women speaks people listen to everything she says. Very proud of You Stacey , your trainer Todd mendelsohn

  2. It’s funny because once I’m in the habit of stretching I’m fine…then I slack off for a few days & it seems like such an inconvenience. You are so right, it’s worth the few minutes! Great post!

  3. Stretching and foam rolling are seriously key. As much as you, me and the rest of the world just want to skip them, they really do make all the difference! I had to stop skipping them when I started working out where my clients may see me. Can’t be hypocritical! Have to hold myself to higher standards…right? :-/

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