I Can Do Hard Things

Twice this week I have been told, “Nothing phases you. You are one of the strongest women I know.” Hmm.. Sometimes I don’t feel very strong. Life has taken quite a turn and well, frankly, I have struggled emotionally. One minute I am just fine and the next I am weeping uncontrollably. But with the support of family and friends–You know who you are–I have been ok. I have survived. I AM a tough cookie! ~I like cookies! 🙂

As of late my mantra has been:


Twelve years ago when I crossed that first marathon finish line, I KNEW at that moment I could do ANYTHING I set my mind to. I did all the ground work, so to speak, before race day. I read everything I could find about marathon training. I logged hundreds of miles, I tried/tested different types of refueling. I travelled from SLC to St George to run my 20 mile training runs on the course. I bought new runners every 400 miles. I was well prepared! When the gun went off and we started the race, I got a little teary. I had worked so hard for that day, I was so excited… I had actually made it to the start line! (that is a story for another time). When I reached Veyo, I got teary again. The spectators cheering on the side of the road were fantastic!  At mile 16 I got nauseated, my IT band was screaming at me, EVERY step was an effort!  At mile 18 there were more spectators cheering. The tears started again and I couldn’t breath. I had to keep telling myself to stop crying, concentrate, and just breath. There was no stopping me!
Mile 22.. “Almost there..”
As I turned that final corner and saw the finish line, I got teary again.. only this time, I couldn’t suck those tears back in.  And then I saw my family…The tears really started flowing! I had made it! I had finished what I started! I had reached my goal! It was the hardest thing I had ever done and I did it all by myself. I had to rely on Me and only Me for 26.2 miles. It was Me who kept moving myself forward. And with every step I got stronger mentally!

Life can be a lot like a marathon. You think you know what to expect, but sometimes things happen… unexpected things that can throw you off a bit, making it necessary to adjust and re-evaluate, that’s ok. Not everything in life is perfect. Just keep your eye on the mark, working toward your goals and desires, and let nothing stop you! We can all do hard things!