Oh The Drama

Yesterday I woke up to lets say.. DRAMA. Now, drama is soooo NOT my thing. I try to avoid it at all costs. Drama is generally over something petty and false. This particular situation was no exception. It’s funny how we get things in our heads and they become distorted and blown WAY out of proportion. And in all reality what we thought, was really NOT the case at all!

Later in the afternoon I received my daily horoscope in my inbox, I don’t put much stock in astrology, but I had to laugh as I read it yesterday because it was so fitting for the day:

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 9.49.50 AM

Several years ago, I was dealing with some petty drama and the advice I was given was this: “Grow Up!” It was the best advice I have ever received! And today that is the same advice I will give to the Drama Lord.. Grow up! It wasn’t personal, it was business. Remember, I am just a Mama Bear trying to take care of her Cubs!


4 thoughts on “Oh The Drama

  1. I had a drama day yesterday, also. My fault for using wrong words but the drama that continued was by far, way off base. Family crap and sister in law crap. Grow up people!! Thanks for the Gemini advice, although I am Taurus.

  2. in the office, i’ve seen a lot of drama in my life. i try to steer clear of it but there was this one co-worker that seemed to have a knack for not just causing a lot of drama but pulling anyone and everyone into it. i tried to avoid her for the longest time but after several years of her harassment, i caved. she is finally no longer with the company (lay-off). immediately, the next day after her last day, i could feel all that negative energy she put out there just disappear. along with all the crazy drama. this was back in january. i’ve been drama-free since then.

    (she was extremely jealous of me – which is why i say it was almost like harassment because she would target me every chance she got).

    sometimes, drama can be drawn mainly from one source but it’s definitely up to the rest of us to try and ignore that source. for the most part, i did the best i could (aside from that one time i made the mistake of challenging her).

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