Changing It Up


Prior to about four weeks ago I was feeling stagnant with my workouts and meal plan. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but changing it up was the best thing I could have done!

So… four weeks ago I went back to my pre-Todd workouts. OH. MY. I think my body was in shock that first week! It was a confirmation to me of how the body gets accustomed to a routine. Even though I had been changing my workouts weekly, my body got used to the schedule, thus the stagnant feelings. This change of plans has been great for me. I feel like things have just “opened” up, not only physically, but mentally as well. Change is GOOD!

Many of you know I am no longer working with Todd. I guess you could say we had irreconcilable differences. However, you will NEVER hear me say a negative word about Todd as a trainer. He is a fantastic trainer! He knows bodybuilding. I feel very fortunate to have been his student for as long as I was. Thank you, Todd.


5 thoughts on “Changing It Up

  1. I used to love working out in the mornings before work but I have found I have lost some of my motivation in the mornings and like to ease into my day. So, I have changed to doing something in the evenings with my husband. Change can be good.

  2. i change things up every now and then, as well. i use to be hardcore with a schedule that i had to stick to, only changing it once a year (when i use to dragon boat, i had a pre-season cross training schedule and then just a maintenance workout schedule when we were out on the water and racing – i was at a more competitive level, trying out for nationals to go to world cup). i would push and force myself when my body was trying to tell me that i needed a chance. i ignored my body.

    no longer do i do this. i may go back to a favourite routine after a break from it but i am no longer afraid of doing something different. in fact, at least twice a year, i will take a 1 week break where i’ll do some hiking, snow shoeing, snowboarding or just a lot of walking. when i get back into the swing of things, i feel like i’m actually stronger from the rest.

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