First off, 2013 has been quite a year! It has been full of emotional turmoil. It has been full of self discovery. It has, in fact, been a bit of a roller coaster, lots of good and some bad… But isn’t that is what life is all about? You can’t appreciate the good without the bad. The year started off great.. I had a new trainer and was prepping for a competition. And then stuff happened.. there were disappointments, there was some self sabotage, and there is this “little” thing called divorce. I have learned so much over the past several months, not only about myself but about people in general. Here are the top five things I have learned this year.

1. Things don’t matter.. People do.                             
OK! This is not news to me, but it has been magnified this year. I have several friends who are motivated by material things. Things are just that…. THINGS! I learned about five years ago that you can in fact survive without a lot of “things.” I did it! I am still here and I feel I am a better person because of that experience. Things can always be replaced, but people cannot. Life is way too short to not let those in your life know how you feel about them. The regret of not saying sorry, the regret of not saying I forgive you, or the regret of not saying I love you, can be too much. You just do not know when it will be too late to express your feelings.

2. People Will Disappoint You
I don’t mean to be a pessimist with this one.. it is just a fact. Back in June, when the majority of the “emotional turmoil” began, I confided in someone. He had been a close friend and I knew I could trust him. He was the only person I told for the first few weeks… I told him even before I told my family. Those few weeks were the hardest of my entire life! There were days I didn’t even want to get out of bed and face the world, but this friend checked on me, gave me pep talks which helped get my arse out of bed! I am grateful for his positive influence during that time. I owe him a lot. But being human, we all make mistakes. Feelings were hurt and he threw our friendship in the dumpster faster than his empty bottle of Rex Goliath! I thought that our friendship meant a little more than that, and with some, or any form of communication, for that matter, things could have been resolved, but I guess I was wrong. Hmmm. You know, when one door closes, several other doors open. I have been very fortunate to have positive people (family and friends) in my life. I don’t need any of the BS. I know who my TRUE friends are and I am grateful for each one of them, old and NEW!

3. Things Are Not Always As They Seem
Last week I observed a senior couple at the Costco food court. They were eating hotdogs and I could tell they enjoyed each other’s company. It was clear they were still in love after a lifetime together, or so it seemed. Come to find out, this couple had been married for only seven short years. In the autumn of their lives they found true love and were extremely happy. It gave me hope. We see only what we want to see, and that doesn’t necessarily make it true!

4. Sometimes In Order To Succeed All We Need Is Someone To BELIEVE In Us
I have come to realize the importance and magnitude of words. I have said it before, words are powerful! I have literally seen people change with receiving a sincere compliment. Telling someone you are proud of them and that all their efforts are not unnoticed can change someone’s entire day.. or week! Sometimes all we need is someone, other than family, to tell us that they are in our corner. It can make a world of difference.

5. Follow Your Heart
Regardless of how scary it may seem, your heart WILL NOT steer you wrong. Your heart always knows what is right. Always follow the path your heart longs to take.



Oh, Oh It’s Magic


Every morning, without fail, a certain commercial comes on the radio as I drive my girlie to school. This particular ad irks me! Most days I change the station because it just frustrates me! But I have listened to it in its entirety and they are advertising for some “liquid protein.” Supposedly, you are to take one tablespoon of this liquid before bed and it will magically melt away the fat. Hell, the radio announcer is down 3 pant sizes, and he is still eating whatever he wants! And NOT exercising! Hmmm.

Magic pills and potions. I hate how these advertisers thrive on laziness, desperation, and the hope of an easy way to heathy. (And don’t even get me started on the “Doctor!”) We all want a magic pill, er.. special liquid to melt the fat away! I certainly wish it worked like that, but it just doesn’t! The only way to get the body you want is hard work… Eating healthy and putting in time at the gym. Staying consistent. That is the key. It may not happen overnight, but it WILL happen. You just have to trust the process.