Three Things Thursday

I haven’t done a Three Things Thursday for a long time.. In fact, I don’t think I have ever done one on this blog… It’s about time I did, so here goes…

1. I have discovered Bitstrips… Oh. My. Gosh! Why is something so stupid so funny? I have been giggling for days…


2. I have not been dieting. AT ALL! I am trying to enjoy this holiday season, even though I sometimes have to remind myself this after I eat something “bad.” I am realizing just how mental I am. Sad. This WILL be a topic for a future post. I have, however, still been training. Got to keep up that habit/routine, right?! 🙂

3. Christmas is next WEEEEEK… And I am ready! First time I have been ready this early–EVER! Maybe next year I will go for a new record.


This has been a crazy year, to say the least! Thank you to the few who actually read what I have to say on here. It really means a lot, you have no idea! Happy Holidays!


One thought on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Oh my goodness what is a bitstrip!!? Talk about me being out of it. 🙂 I’m training and eating about 90%… errr some days 80? Lol. It’s true about feeling bad after.. habits are hard to break! Happy Holidays!

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