It’s ON!


I don’t know what it is or how it happens, but there seems to be this “switch” inside my brain… It’s either ON or OFF. I REALLY like it when it’s on! ON = Motivated and on plan everyday.  OFF = Not so motivated and half-assing my meal plan.

Eating is often the hardest part for me, but I always workout. That is a habit I am just not willing to break. I train regardless of me eating clean or not, I guess I like those endorphins. I know many people who will stop working out all together when they eat crap. I get it, but burning calories is still burning calories, right?

The past seven months have been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster for me. I have not eaten well… AT ALL! In fact, before the holidays I decided I was not going to worry about what I was eating. I enjoyed lots of good food and treats, and you know what? I remembered I like Apollo Burgers! Ha!

However, the bad eating habits have caught up to me. January 1st came and I had a plan, a well written plan, I might add. Remember that switch? It didn’t flip. Bad carbs create a vicious circle of craving MORE bad carbs.. If that switch isn’t on? the discipline that is required is just not there and then throw emotions into the mix… ugh! So I just get back up and start again.

Well, last Saturday, the switch flipped back on unexpectedly. I’m not complaining, but I sure wish I could figure out what the triggers are…

Here is the story… Saturdays have always been my free day, and we go out to lunch a lot on that day. My kids have come to expect it. My girlie was trying to decide which soda to put in her cup. Being 7, these types of decisions can take SEVERAL frustrating (for me) minutes. A lady came up and said, “So many choices, but I am going with the BEST choice… WATER!” and she proceeded to fill her cup with water. Great advice! But it bothered me. It REALLY bothered me, A LOT! I don’t know why, perhaps because she knows NOTHING about my family. For one, my kids don’t drink soda very often. Saturday is a free day for them as well. And it is not like my kids are overweight.. They are NOT! And do I really look like I don’t teach my kids a healthy lifestyle? Ok, I have some fluff and spillover right now, but I certainly still look fit! I really don’t like meddlers!

And the switch was on! It was as simple as that! So, really I guess I should be thanking that nosey-ass lady!

This has turned out to be a fabulous week. I have been spot on. My diet has been tight and my abs are coming back.. Oh, how I have missed them! 🙂  Abs are definitely made in the kitchen! I have said it before, you can’t outwork a bad diet!




2 thoughts on “It’s ON!

  1. i know what you mean on both counts. first, i don’t like strangers who come up and decide they can size up a family just like that. everyone has a different story. it’s bad taste to think one knows a situation without knowing everythng about that person/family.

    secondly, i was like that too. i worked out regardless of whether i was eating well or not. i went through cycles of good eating and bad eating.

    unfortunately, i paid the price. but mine is due to the fact that i had gestational diabetes and just genetics factoring in. so i’m not saying my situation is like everyone elses – i’m just sharing what i learned.

    just before turning 41 this past december, i learned i had diabetes type 2. lots of people were shocked. because i am fit and they just couldn’t imagine some one like me would ever get diabetes 2 at such a young age.

    coupled with stress that has not been controlled for years, genetics and GD upping my risk factors, i have to say that looking back, my eating habits were not ideal.

    unfortunately for me, i was forced into that ‘on’ switch. but i have to say that now, 2-3 months with this ideal healthy eating, has really helped me improve many things. aside from lowering my glucose levels, i’m noticing that i sleep more solid hours, feel less tired and my mood is even better.

    my eyes are so much more open to the hidden sugar and sodium added to our food. and how the food industry makes us addicted to these white substances. it’s such a shame. now that i’ve cut out all added sugar form my diet and have lowered my sodium intake (though i was not one for overly salted food before), my palette has completely changed.

    eating plain, unsweetened greek yogurt, for example, with blue berries is already sweet enough for me. natural sweetnesses like fructose is sometmes even too sweet!

    it’s crazy… this food industry. and don’t get me started on the pharmaceutical company that reaps in the benefits of so many things keeping us sick! 😉

    anyway – good for you. i hope this on-switch stays on for awhile. it’s definitely a good feeling once your body starts to react to the healthy habits you are giving it.

    sorry for the long reply – i guess i was just inspired to share. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! It’s amazing how the foods you eat effect everything.. i.e.. sleep, mood, etc. I am with you on the food and pharaceutical industries!
      I am glad you are feeling better and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for reading my blog and I really appreciate your input. 🙂

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