What’s Your Name…?


I have this silly little goal… It has everything to do with names. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that I have been going to the gym with the same people every morning for the past several months. We say “hi” to each other, we are clearly all goal oriented, we do “work” together, I feel as if I know them, and yet… I do not know their names! So… I have been taking names!

The gym is kind of a melting pot with the plethora of different people. You have the body builder, the “wanna be” bodybuilder, the competitor, the surfer, the mom, the dad, the nerd, the college student, the newlyweds, the older couple, the baby boomers, and the cardio bunny…THEN there is “the pimp” and his entourage… oh wait, maybe that is just MY gym… 😉

It has been refreshing for me to finally have names to go with the faces. I still have many more to learn, but it has been fun to be a little social, and I’ve had to giggle at some of the responses, I think a few thought I was hitting on them… Maybe I was… I’ll never tell! Ha!

It is the simple things in life that make me happy… like learning a new name!


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