New Habits…



For the past seven years I have counted my macros. I can tell you how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat are in almost every food.  I can pretty much guess 30 grams of protein with my eyes closed.

I started this way of eating when I was preparing to step on stage in a bedazzled bikini.  It worked like a charm and I loved the discipline and dedication it took… and ohhh how I LOVED the way my defined muscles looked and felt. Have I mentioned that bicep vein?  Oh yeah… But in all reality, being in competition shape year round is not realistic or sustainable.

The thing is, I have still been doing it like this and I am continually disappointed in myself when I don’t stay within the allotted macro range. I had an epiphany a few months ago… I have been working toward a goal I no longer have. Duh. I don’t plan to get back on stage, so why am I trying to eat like I am? No wonder I have been so frustrated and not attaining my non existent goal. Crazy! Talk about old habits dying hard.

I‘ve been doing some research and for me what it is coming down to is the basic, old school calorie deficit method. You know, calories in, calorie out. Doing it this way has been a process for me mentally, but I feel like my world has kind of opened up. There isn’t that pressure to make sure my carbs and fats are within a certain number. (I do still track my protein). I can go to lunch/dinner with The Love of My Life and enjoy both the company AND eating the food. Sure, I still have to make wise food choices, but I have a new found freedom.  It isn’t so rigid and it just feels good. I am actually excited about my nutrition again, it has become fun and kind of like a game… figuring out this new-ish way of eating.

Change is a good thing. I’ve got this!






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